Hi-Performance Stainless Steel Edge Welded Bellows

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Bellows Specific

Bellows Assembly bellows core pack welded to adapters/end fittings
Bellows Element/Core Pack convolutions welded together
Convolution two diaphragms welded together at the ID
Diaphragm Blanked' metal disc with ripple(corrugation) / or without (flat diaphragm)
Deflection / Stroke movement through which a convolution is extended/compressed
Effective Area area of a bellows responding to a differential pressure resulting in an axial force
Effective Diameter an imaginary diameter used to define the effective area against which presure will act
Mean Diameter (O.D + I.D)/2
Pitch centreline to centreline dimension for adjacent O.D weld beads
Span radial width of diaphragm given by dividing the difference of the outer and inner diameters by two
Spring Rate the force required to deflect a bellows element a given distance(expressed in N/mm)

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